Our primary task it to find the best international partners in textile branch, interested in sales development at Croatian market.

If you are textile company with competitive products and you want to invest, if you are already present at Croatian market or you want best enter to this market, you need local team to run your business and take care about everything. Contact us!

We already have experience in similar projects, and results are confirmed by 500 shops in textile branch in Croatia and more than 30 factories from all over the world: Italy, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Turkey, India, China, Pakistan....

Our key ambition is to provide best logistics, quick development, and to make best results in shortest possible period for mutual benefit.

We can take care about goods, selling, payment control, employees, best organization and strategy.

We can provide fully counters and lawyers support.

If you want serious, long term co-operation, if you want to build new, best company with us, contact us.

There is a reason to go ahead together. Try! Discover why!

►  About us  - Saturday, August 25, 2007
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